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Robert Barefoot is an expert in the field of coral calcium. He's the author of two books, The Calcium Factor and Death by Diet. Robert Barefoot, why is calcium so important and why is it called The King of the Bioelements?

Well, it's the most predominant mineral in your body by far, more than twice as much as the next mineral, and therefore, biologically it literally has hundreds and hundreds of functions. We can't live without it. As we get on in life, we stop consuming calcium products, and by the age of 35, you'll find that we have more calcium going out than going in, and we're in trouble because all these calcium biological functions can't work properly. However, the body has a defense mechanism. We store calcium, and the first storage is the bones. So if you don't have enough calcium, you go to the bones and get it, go to the cells and get it, and the result of depleting the calcium storage is disease.

You refer to calcium as the "glue" that holds everything together.

Well, basically, it is. It's the biological glue that holds the body together. It's actually intertwined in everything in the body. It IS the biological glue.

If I don't have enough calcium, how do I replenish it?

You deplete calcium. When calcium goes out, calcium has to come in. The bottom line is, is that you need an external source. Of course, there's lots of places to get it. You can drink a gallon to two gallons of milk a day, but of course most people, as you grow older, won't do that. Or, you have another choice. You can have 23 pounds of spinach along with 17 pounds of broccoli. That'll do it every day. Of course, people won't do that. You can't really get what you want just simply by eating. But you know, those cultures that actually get huge amounts, they get it externally, usually from their water as their food source where there's huge amounts of calcium in the system. We don't have that. Well, supplements do work. They are so effective that a study done by the University of San Diego medical faculty just released last year a 25-year study on 19,000 men and women, and they discovered that those who had vitamin and mineral supplements cut the death rate in half simply by taking supplements. So you can take calcium as a supplement. You go to the store and you can buy calcium tablets, calcium this and calcium that. Boy, calcium's the hottest thing on television. Everybody's putting calcium in their product. But there's a problem. And that is, we're not all the same. As we grow older, we become biologically deficient in certain things. For example, the average man or woman at 60 years old has one-fifth the hydrochloric acid in their stomach than they did when they were 20. What this means, when you put the supplements in your stomach, they have to be digested and ionized with this acid. Quite often, they don't have enough acid to do the job and/or if they use the acid for this, they don't have enough acid left for digestive purposes of nutrients. So, there are alternatives. You want pre-ionized. Of course, the best form of pre-ionized calcium in the world is a substance called Coral Calcium.
Ionic coral calcium, is not readily available out there that I can find. Not in that form. I can find calcium in every grocery store and drug store.

In 1790, the very first drugstore was created in Europe. The drug stores we know today dispensing drugs? They were doing other things, but do you know what the very first drug was in the world? Coral Calcium. It was so popular. Every doctor prescribed it, they cured this, they cured that.

That was over 200 years ago. Well, we have all kinds of cures that we put in the wastebasket and then we focus on disease. Disease is very profitable; cures aren't. Anyway, the bottom line is, all other cultures know and the Japanese people have sources, they actually mine it and ship it. The rest of the world is not tuned to this. It has spread; it's in Europe now and there are millions of people in Europe, France, Sweden, England and now Spain that are consuming Coral Calcium. Coral Calcium has just come to America. My guess is there's only about a quarter million to a third of a million people currently consuming the Coral Calcium. It just got here. On top of that, I predict by the year 2000, over 10 million people will be on it because it DOES work. It has hundreds of years of history. There's no question. Millions of testimonials. It's safe. Even though it was the world's first drug, it's NOT a drug. It's actually a nutrient.

Can we turn the depletion of calcium around?

Absolutely. All these diseases were caused by acidosis. Acidification of the body. The bottom line is, the cause of acidosis and the reason for acidosis is lack of minerals, especially calcium. When you start taking the calcium, your body does alkalize, drives out the acid. Dr. Otto Warburg won two Nobel Prizes for proving this. You also grow younger. You look younger, you feel younger when you fill up with oxygen.
Pick a disease. You can cure it. I've seen diabetics off insulin in a few months. I've seen recently in Denver a woman who had MS and she was in a wheelchair for 27 years. Three months ago she started on Coral Calcium and all the other nutrients and she now runs nine miles a day. Now, you want to see miracles, just stick around the Coral Calcium and you'll be hearing about hundreds of them.

One of the major crises as far as our physical health in America is obesity. Are we talking about a possibility of a calcium deficiency?

Calcium is so intertwined with all your biological activity. Let's say you have a pair of twins. One of the twins consumes a lot of Coral Calcium. Then they both sit down and consume a lot of fat for obesity. Now, I can tell you when the fat gets in the stomach and starts being digested, the twin with the calcium, the fat sees that calcium and it soaponifies. It's like grandma, how she used to make her soaps. She used fat and lye to make soap. So it then forms a soap. This soap will not be absorbed by the intestines, so it passes into excretion. So the net result is, the twin with the calcium didn't take in the fat; the twin without the calcium took in the fat.
That's right. So a lot of time, it's not what you're eating that's the problem. It's what you're NOT eating that causes most of the problem in America.
The calcium helps keep the fat out, keep all your biological functions working, and you can't really stay trim without it.
Explain ionic in layman terms so that I understand the correlation between them. 

If you look at a Tum, it's not calcium. It's a calcium carbonate. It's calcium with CO2 added to it. It's a compound. If you add some acid to it, then you digest it and bust it up and so when it's in a glass, it disappears. That means it's ionized. So the ionic, then, is basically already dissolved calcium so that it's easy to ingest. Yes, that's correct.

Then the coral part, that brings in the ocean elements and the other benefits that we've seen in places overseas. I've heard of several studies that have been done on folks, for example, in Okinawa that use Coral Calcium just as a regular part of their daily diet and their phenomenal effects.

Yes, up to 140 years and going. The reason we can't say more is because that puts us back at 1857, and we didn't even keep census then, so all we had was maybe little names on bibles. But the bottom line is, these people DO live that long. One of the reasons is because sometimes they have sons who are 120 years old and their sons are 100 years old, and there ARE records for those, so you know that the great-great-great grandpa HAS to be 140, 150. One thing I'd like to tell your listeners is that when we talk about Coral Calcium, everybody thinks that they're mining the coral reefs and that's just not true. What it is is that Okinawa is just an island of coral. The coral disintegrates with weathering and falls and forms coral sand. This coral sand sort of pats off the coral reefs and almost kills them. What the Japanese do is they go in there and they mine up the disintegrated sands from the coral and actual clean up the coral reefs. The Japanese government will not allow them to touch the coral itself. All they're doing is cleaning them up. There's a huge resource.

What other things does calcium have a direct effect on?

Back to the Reader's Digest article and they virtually said that 92% of hysterectomies wouldn't be necessary with calcium supplements. PMS is crucial. Everything biologically is tied to the calcium. If you have aches and pains, it's calcium. If you have osteoporosis, it's calcium. If you age prematurely, that's calcium too. And we can get in and explain in detail with molecules exactly how it works. It's technically and scientifically verifiable that calcium is the crucial element in preventing all these things. For example, take heart disease. Everyone blames cholesterol, but it absolutely has nothing to do with heart disease. What happens is when the body becomes acidic, the muscle around the artery gets holes in it. Acid eats holes in muscle. In order to protect the body, it starts hardening. The body hardens the area and a hardened artery would crack, and cholesterol comes along and seals the crack, saves your life, and it's called "guilty found at the scene of the crime." If cholesterol were involved, you would have hardening of the veins. But no vein has ever hardened, so it's the muscle tissue. And that's the only difference between a vein and an artery, is the muscle tissue. And it's the disintegration of muscle tissue, and, boy, I can tell you now that the scientific community is waking up to this. Reports and publications by medical doctors and scientists are saying that cholesterol has nothing to do with heart disease, that it is just acid. Now, what caused the acid? Here we go again. Had they had their calcium, the buffers would have kept the acid out and the oxygen in, and they would never have heart disease.

What relationship does calcium have to the natural electrical impulses that our body puts off?

I'll give you one example. All the electricity produced for the heartbeat is from the calcium battery. And the same thing is true for the lungs. All the electrical movement for the lungs. And all the electrical movement of the muscle is from the calcium battery. If I have a muscle cramp, it's probably from lack of calcium? Sure. And within a couple of days the cramp disappears as long as you're taking calcium properly. That happens to so many people. When they've had aches and pains for years, two days later there's nothing. They say, "It's a miracle!" Well, there are no miracles here. This is just the way Mother Nature was supposed to work. Mother Nature assumed you would be consuming the nutrients you needed, especially calcium.
What relationship does calcium have to other vitamins and minerals?

Well, a vitamin is sort of like the catalyst for the mineral. In other words, with a trace amount of a vitamin, it allows the minerals to be absorbed and to work properly. With calcium, the key vitamin is Vitamin D. You need approximately 5,000 IU (International Units) of Vitamin D in your intestine. Otherwise, you just pass 95% of it through into your excretion.

Your nutritional recommendations exceed the RDAs of not only calcium but other nutrients as well. Is it possible to get too much?

When I give my speeches to people, what I like to tell them is there are seven major cultures in the world that never, ever, ever get sick. These people live 30, 40 years longer, and they don't grow old. What's the common denominator? One hundred times the RDA of everything. So they're taking 100 times the RDA. They take so much, they get all they need and the body passes what it doesn't need. In our society, we're so terrified of something that no one has ever been injured or hurt with or one has ever died from. But because of the drug scene and because those who are advising us are the pill pushers, they're very nervous about taking anything. The way I like to tell people is, "Look, it's natural. Drugs are made by man. Vitamins and minerals were made by God. You're going to have to decide who knew what he was doing. The FDA, the pill pushers, or God?"

With the proper calcium and Vitamin D, the other vitamins and minerals work better and absorbed better into the body. Is that correct?

Absolutely. See, one of calcium's crucial functions is it actually has the capability of latching onto seven nutrients and one water. It does this outside the cell. So it other grabs those vitamins and nutrients and it pulls them into the nutrient channel into the cell where the cell can consume them. And then the calcium exits through a little tiny calcium channel and does it again, and does it again. In other words, it collects nutrients to pull into the cell. No calcium, no nutrients. So you see how they're all interlinked, they all work together.

How much calcium does the body actually absorb when the supplements are not in an ionic or chelated form?

Very little. Less than 5%. I tell people they about 3,000 mg of calcium, but in reality, they're probably likely to only absorb a quarter of that.

How much does the body absorb when you DO use a chelated calcium?  Chelated calcium is far, far more absorbable. That doesn't mean 100%. It might go from 5% to 20% to 30%, something like that.

Coral Calcium does a much better job of allowing the body to absorb. Is that correct?

What it is, it's readily bioavailable. What that means is, first off, it's pre-ionized. You do not have to digest it. It's calcium plus plus ions. You put the little sachet in the water and it dissolves in the water. It's calcium plus plus. So when you absorb it, you do not have to use your stomach acid, so that is especially wonderful for the elderly. But it's not only calcium that goes in. It's magnesium, chromium, copper, selenium, all the trace elements you find in the ocean, all ionized. The thing about Coral Calcium is it has four microbes. These microbes latch on to these minerals and they whip through the stomach, they whip through the duodenum, and smack into the liver, and they do it all within 10 minutes. The normal route is ten hours. We can prove this simply by taking a blood sample before and, usually what happens when you're oxygen deficient (most people are because they lack minerals), without the minerals their body fluids are acidic and that expels oxygen. When you look at the blood, you'll see the cells clustering in a big clump. You take the Coral Calcium and then take a blood sample, 10 minutes later all the cells are spread apart, full of oxygen. People will tell you, "Boy, I feel something. I don't know what it is, but I feel something." They all say that within a few minutes of consuming it. That's what I mean by readily bioavailable. Nothing else will do that.

Ionic Coral Calcium has approximately 100% absorption rate?

Yes, well, let's say you take your Tums and you get your 5% if you're lucky. So out of a Tum, which is a gram, you get 400 milligrams. And you get 5% of 400 milligrams. And one more crucial factor. That is, it is the key to maintain caustic body fluids, and that is crucial. Caustic body fluids are able to fill up oxygen. In other words, a very mild caustic will absorb 20 times as much oxygen as a very mild acid. Therefore, the calcium keeps your body so full of oxygen that it wards off virus, disease, according to two time Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Otto Warburg. That's how it works. And it was the calcium that did it.

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