Death By Diet

Death By Diet, Cancer, and Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus Formula: 

Robert Barefoot book 'Death By Diet' points out that body fluids, such as blood, spinal fluid and saliva are alkaline (high pH) in healthy individuals, whereas the body fluids of the sick are acidic (low pH). Most degenerative diseases, as pointed out in death by diet, attributed to aging, such diseases as cancer, osteoporosis, and heart disease, plus allergy, kidney stones and gallstones have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that result in you body fluids becoming more acidic.
Recently scientists have found that cancer thrives in an acidic medium, but cannot survive in an alkaline medium. For those of you concerned by these facts and the questions raised - you owe it to yourself to read 'Death By Diet', not only for the sake of your own health, but for the sake of your family and friends.

You can measure your pH balance by wetting pH paper which is like litmus paper with your saliva. Death by diet discusses this procedure in detail. Healthy individuals such as children in a playground, will turn the pH paper bright alkaline blue, those in developing stages of disease will be moderately acidic green (slightly more acidic than normal), and those with advanced health issues will be bright yellow (much greater acidity than normal). Death by diet explores the fact that often, a moderate change in lifestyle accompanied by wiser selection of foods and adequate coral calcium daily, the pH of your body fluids can be quickly raised to the healthy alkaline blue level, regardless of your age. Read 'death by diet' to find out more!

Cholesterol is not the cause of disease. Barefoot's book 'death by diet' discusses cholesterol and how it provides structural integrity to human cells and is the main component for most of our hormones. Unfortunately, because it is also found as one of the ten components that make up arterial plaque, it is assumed guilty by the medical establishment. If society were to use this same type of simplistic logic, all policemen, who are also found at the scene of a crime, should be incarcerated. Death by Diet shows that cholesterol is not to be feared in natural foods.

Natural foods such as butter, eggs, coffee and salt are looked at in Death By Diet, and are all considered to be healthy. It is all that is man-made such as margarine and decaffeinated coffee that may truly be harmful to your health.

Death by Diet shows there is now scientific merit to the claims made that magnetism is an integral part of good health, that most major hospitals employ magnetic therapy. Death by Diet uncovers that one our of every ten Japanese, including thousands of doctors, are currently sleeping on magnetic beds.

Scientific and medical advances in the field of preventive medicine, including those of Nobel Prize winners Otto Warburg and Linus Pauling, are ignored by the governing medical establishment which regulated all doctors. Death by diet shows how this reality inhibits doctors from the practice of preventive medicine which could save the government enough money to both balance the budget and resolve America's national debt.

America's first Surgeon General, Benjamin Rush was the only doctor to sign the American Constitution. Death by Diet touches on the fact that he, fearing that medicine would in time organize into an undercover dictatorship that would suppress both medical competition and new medical advances tried in vain to have medical freedom enshrined in the American Constitution.

Those concerned by these issues owe it to yourself to read "Death By Diet", and try Barefoot Coral Calcium Supreme Formula.

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