The Calcium Factor Book By Robert R. Barefoot and Carl M. Reich

The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth

Robert R. Barefoot and Carl M. Reich

"Death by Diet was written by popular request as a sequel to, and includes many excerpts from, The Calcium Factor. It was written to inform that: mineral and vitamin deficiency is the main cause of degenerative disease; to explain that a medical freedom amendment to the Constitution will be necessary to change the current restrictive, disease dependent system; and to suggest to politicians that the promotion of preventive medicine could dramatically reduce the deficit while making the voters both happy and healthy."

Here are some amazing facts that you will find in "The Calcium Factor".
  • Did you know that the body fluids, such as blood, spinal and saliva, of the healthy are alkaline (high pH), whereas the body fluids of the sick are acidic (low pH)?
  • Did you know that most degenerative diseases attributed to aging, such as cancer, osteoporosis, and heart diseases, and other disease such as allergy, kidney stones and gallstones have all been scientifically linked to mineral deficiencies that results in your body fluids, including your saliva, becoming more acidic?
  • Did you know that scientists found that cancer thrives in an acidic medium, but cannot survive in an alkaline medium?
  • Did you know that by spitting on a penny's worth of pH paper you can measure your level of acidity and health?
  • Did you know with vitamin and mineral supplements (coral calcium), you can lower the acidity of your body fluids and become healthy?

  • Scientific and Medical Trends in History
  • Health and Ionized Calcium
  • Quotable Quotes
  • Summary of Scientific Research
  • The Chemistry of Calcium
  • Calcium and Digestion
  • The Calcium Cycle
  • Calcium and Heart Disease
  • Calcium and Carl Reich
  • Calcium and Saliva pH
  • Calcium and Electromagnetism
  • Medical Misinformation
  • Recipes of Good Health
  • Calcium and Allergy
  • Questions and Answers
  • Summary

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