Types of Coral Calcium

Debating the Types of Coral Calcium

If you have spent any time on the internet researching coral calcium, you no doubt have seen much conflicting information about coral calcium. The reason for this is that everyone is doing their best to market their brand of coral calcium. They will say anything to convince you the consumer that their brand is better. While almost all of the coral calcium on the market comes from the reefs around Okinawa, Japan, there are differences in how the coral calcium is obtained and processed.

Most of the debate about coral calcium is based on the issue of “Marine Grade” coral calcium versus “Above Sea” coral calcium. To be totally honest, there is probably not as big of difference between the two calcium sources as you might have been led to believe. Let us look at briefly at the two types and discuss the differences.

Marine Grade coral calcium is type that is marketed on TV by Robert Barefoot. This coral calcium is taken directly from the seabed. Contrary to claims, no living coral is destroyed during this mining process. The Japanese government has regulations which insure that only dead coral is removed from the sea. This actually helps the remaining living coral to grow better. Marine grade coral seems to have a little better balance of calcium to magnesium ratio. A 2:1 ratio is generally considered the idea ratio for calcium and magnesium intake into the human body. Due to the methods of mining and processing marine grade coral calcium, it tends to be more expensive than “above sea” coral calcium.

"Above sea" coral calcium (also called "fossilized" coral calcium) is made from coral that is washed up on the beach or dug out of beach mines. “Above sea” coral calcium has a little higher calcium content than marine grade coral calcium, but lower magnesium content. This is very possibly due to the “weathering” of the coral through the years. Many manufacturers add magnesium to their "above sea" coral calcium product to insure that the calcium and magnesium are found in the proper 2:1 ratio. This is not a bad thing, and the end result is a very good calcium product. Keep in mind that the Okinawan race, noted for their longevity due to the coral minerals they ingest, do not add magnesium at all. They certainly are not getting their coral from the sea bed.

Other than magnesium content, the other mineral content is pretty much the same in both types of coral calcium. Many, many people have benefited from both types of coral calcium, and it is very hard to make a case that one type is that much better than the other.

Coral Calcium Supreme is the marine grade coral calcium product that is endorsed and formulated by Robert Barefoot. Because coral calcium can be very expensive for the average person, we also offer are own brand of coral calcium designed to give our customers a little bit better value. Both are great high quality products at great prices and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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