About Bob Barefoot

Robert Barefoot is a chemist who graduated with Honors from the northern Alberta Institute of Technology majoring in chemical research. He has since published numerous research papers on analytical chemistry and mineral diagenesis. He also researched enhanced hydrocarbon extraction in the petroleum mining industry and metal extraction in the mining industry for which he obtained several international patents.
He was on the front cover of several oil and energy magazines which in 1982, brought him to the attention of a medical doctor who was looking for a top chemist to help him. Dr. Carl Reich, considered to be "The Father of Preventive Medicine" for his pioneer work with vitamins and minerals in the early 1950s, wanted to write a book explaining how vitamins and minerals prevent disease, but needed a top chemist to accomplish this. His autopsies of terminal cancer patients who died with no signs of cancer convinced Barefoot that Reich was right, so they spent the next ten years researching the explanation, culminating in the book, "The Calcium Factor".
Mr. Barefoot has continued to write numerous controversial books regarding the biological importance of vitamins and minerals in suppressing disease, and has appeared as a guest speaker at health conventions as well as radio and talk shows. In 2003, Mr. Barefoot did an infomercial with Kevin Trudeau that was the most popular infomercial in American television history.

Robert Barefoot gives a detailed technical defense to the concept that degenerative diseases, such as cancer heart disease and diabetes, is caused by mineral and vitamin deficiency. Scientific evidence provided by some of the world's most renowned scientists is tied together into one cohesive scientific argument that demonstrates the nutritional deficiency is not only the cause of degenerative disease but by correcting the deficiency, these diseases can both be prevented and reversed.

Mr. Barefoot's goal is to cure America, Black America first, as the Black community suffers from 2 to 3 times the rate of degenerative disease when compared to White America. Barefoot believes his goal can be accomplished in just a few years if you and your family join him in helping make his dream come true.