Calcium & Flouride

Fluoride Toxicity and Osteoporosis in Humans and The Possibility of Coral Calcium as a Solution; The fluoride and coral calcium connection.

Fluoride is known to be more toxic than lead and only slightly less toxic than arsenic. Because of its known toxicity, fluoride powder was at one time used as a dust to kill lice on chickens and as the main toxin in rat baits.

There is enough fluoride in one large tube of toothpaste to be fatal to a small child. Toxic levels of fluoride can be visibly seen by fluorosis.

Fluoride has also been shown to kill the live osteoblast cells found in human bone. These cells are responsible for building new bone tissue and acting as reinforcing cells for newly formed bone tissue.

Coral calcium increases the level of calcium in the body and decreases the level of acidity.

Most cities in the United States and other industrialized countries add fluoride to the public drinking water at approximately the rate of 1 mg. per liter of water. This fluoride is normally in the form of hydrofluosilicic acid or sodium silicofluoride and are waste products of the fertilizer industry. They are obtained from scrubbing factory stacks to remove wastes such as sulphur hexafluoride that would, otherwise, cause atmospheric pollution that does not meet EPA standards.

These products are introduced into public drinking water systems with little regard to other contaminants that may be present such as lead, mercury, arsenic and radionucleides.

The intention here is to protect the teeth with fluoride, but we are harming our bones as a side effect. Coral calcium may be the answer to the problem.

Statistically there is a higher incidence of hip fracture in residents of fluoridated areas.

This includes U.S. studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) by Dr. S.J. Jacobsen in 1990 and Christa Danielson and others in 1992.

Likely this is due to loss of bone mass due to fluoride destroying cells. Coral clacium will help add additional calcium intake for the body to utilize and make up the deficit.

How does fluoride harm humans? Humans share the same enzyme systems and DNA mechanisms as other plants & animals. Fluoride is a proven enzyme and DNA repair inhibiting element and this is why it is fatal to chicken lice, rats and humans. A major area of study was the prevalence of fluorosis in China.

The "prevalent fluorosis" areas of China contain a population of 100 million. Of these, 43 million people have dental fluorosis of all degrees of severity; 2.4 million have skeletal fluorosis, a severe crippling disease with bone deformities.

Coral calcium may have prevented the deformities that were the result of loss of calcium.

The Chinese presented papers using observations from studies of both experimental animals and humans showing the relationship between poor diet, especially calcium deficiency, repeated childbirth and duration of exposure, to the severity of the effects of chronic fluoride poisoning.

The Chinese reported not only adverse effects on teeth and bones but also those involving soft tissues. Some of these occur at surprisingly low levels of total fluoride ingestion, some of which were within the range of total intake reported for fluoridated areas of the U.S. and Canada.

They presented evidence of increased fractures, poor fracture healing and bone outgrowths (exostoses) as some of the observable skeletal effects. With regard to soft tissue involvement, studies were presented that dealt with neurological lesions (nerve damage). They ascribed paralysis to direct action of fluoride on the central nervous system in addition to the effect of pressure on motor nerves by encroachment of fluorotic bone.

It is known that calcium helps the functionality of neuro-electrical signal conductivity from brain, nerves, etc., and coral calcium and it's increased level calcium to the body could help with the fluoride problem.

Studies also showed that thyroid dysfunction, heart disease and abnormal electrocardiograms and cerebrovascular disease were more prevalent in the added fluorosis areas.

An association was shown between chronic fluoride intoxication and lowered intelligence as measured by IQ tests; chromosomal abnormalities; decreased immunity; increased senile cataracts; and cancer.

The Chinese scientists also reported higher infant death rates due to congenital abnormalities and higher death rates generally in prevalent fluorosis areas. They also reported variable synergistic effects between fluoride and aluminum, fluoride and arsenic, fluoride and selenium. As the research would indicate, fluoride may cause the loss of calcium and bone producing cells in the human body.

Coral calcium taken as a supplement along with a diet inclusive of calcium rich foods could be just the foil necessary to combat the prevalence of fluoride in your drinking water. If you live in a large city that adds fluoride to the drinking water, coral calcium may be a very important supplement providing a vital role in your health and well being.