Coral Calcium & Salt

Coral Calcium and Sodium

Low Sodium Content in Coral Calcium

Some people are concerned with the sodium (salt) content of Coral Calcium. Calcium Factor Plus contains 18.2 PPM (Parts Per Million) of sodium. This is less than the sodium found in most drinking water.

Oregon Department of Health Report

The Oregon Health Division recommends that sodium levels in drinking water be maintained at 250 ppm or lower. There is no standard for sodium in drinking water at the Federal level. Conventional water softening systems usually add substantial quantities of sodium to water (about 150 to 300 ppm).

Sodium in Food and Medicine

Fresh fruits and vegetables, without added salt, contain from less than 10 to 500 ppm sodium. Bakery products and prepared cereals contain several thousand ppm. Most fast foods contain several thousand ppm with some having levels up to 10,000 ppm. Canned soups contains 600 (low salt) to about 4,000 ppm. Medications may contain as much as 6,000 milligrams of sodium per daily dose. Carbonated soft drinks contain less than 250 ppm sodium. Commercial bottled waters contain 11 to 3,000 ppm sodium. Milk (low sodium) contains less than 10 ppm sodium, but most milk and milk products contain 100 to over 300 ppm.