Ionic Coral Calcium

Ionic/Ionized Coral Calcium Easy to Absorb

Naturally Ionized Coral Calcium

Ionic Coral Calcium is naturally ionized which means Coral minerals have a positive electrical charge. This makes it easier for your body to absorb. The size of each coral particle is tiny, only a few microns, the same as flour.

Absorbing Ionic Coral Calcium

This ionic elemental calcium, either liquid or solid, has to be digested and absorbed. Hydrochloric acid breaks the calcium down into molecules. Then electrons from magnesium are added to the calcium. There has to be enough vitamin D in your body to transport the ionic calcium into the surrounding cells. If you do not have enough vitamin D, the calcium can not be absorbed.

Hard-to-Absorb Elemental Calcium

Elemental calcium, as opposed to Ionic calcium, is more difficult to digest and absorb. Calcium supplements such as caltrate, oyster shell and other calcium pills are elemental calcium called non-ionized calcium that is limestone rock or chalk. However, Ionic Coral Calcium is 95% bio-absorbable.