Marine Grade Coral Calcium

Bob Barefoot Prefers Pure Marine Grade Coral Calcium

There is much debate about what is a better grade of Coral Calcium: Marine Grade (mined underwater) or Fossilized (beach sand, mined on the land).

In his book, "Barefoot On Coral Calcium..." page 24 Robert Barefoot writes:

"It is important to recognize that two broad, but distinct types of coral calcium are used as health giving supplements by the Japanese and many people throughout the world. The first type is fossilized calcium that has been deposited on the landmass, or washed up on to beaches. The second type is taken directly from the seabed. It is marine bed coral. This seabed coral is the coral that has dropped from the reef or is processed by reef inhabitants. This type of "coral sand" has been washed to the ocean floor by wave actions. Marine coral is closer in composition to the living forms of corals, because many minerals and organic elements are retained, in comparison to fossilized, land-based corral.

There are important differences in composition between fossilized (land-based) coral and marine (sea-bed) coral. Marine coral contains more magnesium, and the balance of calcium (24%) to magnesium (12%) content of this second type of marine coral is close to 2:1. This 2 to 1 ratio is the ideal ratio for calcium and magnesium intake in the human diet.

My research has led me to believe that the natural, magnesium enriched, marine coral is to be strongly preferred over land based (fossilized coral). This superiority is due to its balance of cal and mag in a 2:1 ratio, and the fact that other nutrients were washed out of fossilized corel during weathering processes."